Radial Engineering Workhorse Powerhouse 10-Slot Power Rack

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  • Radial Engineering Workhorse Powerhouse 10-Slot Power Rack
  • Radial Engineering Workhorse Powerhouse 10-Slot Power Rack
  • Radial Engineering Workhorse Powerhouse 10-Slot Power Rack
  • Features
  • Features
  • Using the Powerhouse for live recording
  • Using the Powerhouse as a side car
  • Creating the ultimate channel strip


10-Slot Power Rack

The Powerhouse is a 10 module 500 series power-rack designed to accommodate both older and newer 500 series modules and provide the studio with maximum density in a standard 19″ rack frame.


  • 10-slot design for maximum density
  • Individual XLR & ¼” TRS i/o on each slot
  • Easy-Glide module alignment tray
  • Innovative feed and link functions


The design begins with heavy 14-gauge steel construction and durable powder coat finish for maximum shielding against noise and greater durability when subjected to road use. An 'easy glide' slider tray makes it painless to align the PCB connector to the 15 pin card edge receptacle when swapping modules. Once connected, the rear panel sports a standard array of XLRs to connect to and from the workstation or mixer. This is augmented with a series of ¼" TRS connectors that enable cross-patching and open the door to the excitement of parallel signal processing. Instead of having to hard patch modules together using a cable, the Powerhouse incorporates an innovative feed switch that instantly connects the signal to the adjacent module. This makes building signal chains quick and eliminates the need for extra cables. And unlike older racks that require soldering when modules are used in stereo, the Powerhouse is equipped with a stereo link function that takes care of the task with a simple slide of a switch. Unlike older racks that are limited to an average of 130 milliamps per slot, the Powerhouse boasts a 1600 milliamp power supply that lets you share the power as needed. This means it can deliver 300 milliamps to your two tube preamps and still have over 1000 milliamps left in the pool! And just like all Workhorse racks, the Powerhouse is equipped with extra safety features to ensure safe use when mixing and matching various brands.

Powerhouse Applications

  • Using the Powerhouse as a side car
    • The Powerhouse houses 10 modules in a compact 19" rack space, making it ideal for use as a side car to house various effects and dynamic processors. Simply wire to your patchbay and enjoy the convenience, power and flexibility of the 500 series format.
  • Using the Powerhouse for live recording
    • Live recording is best achieved by using separate preamps for each microphone and instrument. Combine Radial PowerPre mic preamps and Radial JDV-Pre instrument preamps to record pristine audio tracks and then split the output to the house mixer and PA system.
  • Creating the ultimate channel strip
    • Combine your favourite sounding preamps, EQs and compressors to create the ultimate stereo preamp. With 1600 milliamps of current, you have plenty of power to keep your tube preamps happy! Add in a PhazeQ and be prepared for realism like you have never heard before!
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The Powerhouse is a ten card-slot 500 series power rack designed to fit three standard 19″ rack-spaces (3RU). Regarding the audio performance, as there is no audio circuitry other than connectors, the Powerhouse will not impart any color or distortion. The Powerhouse employs gold plated 15-pin EDAC card-edge connectors on the inside plane and nickel-silver Neutrik connectors on the back panel for excellent signal transfer. Each slot is equipped with an auto-resetting fuse to protect the system should a faulty module be employed. A 1600 milliamp external supply provides plenty of current to feed the modules and 48V for phantom power.

  • Audio circuit type: Connection buss from modules to connectors
  • Data Compression: Adheres to the Whos-Doc and VPR Alliance


  • Phantom Power, OmniPort
  • Input Connectors: 10 balanced XLR male, 10 ¼" TRS
  • Output Connectors: 10 balanced XLR female, 10 ¼" TRS
  • Extras: 10 slots; 19" rack mount, 3 rack space; 1600 milliamps available current; 160 mA average current per slot;


  • Shipping size (L x W x D): 21.25" x 11.50" x 13.25"
  • Shipping weight: 13.5 lb (6.1kg)
  • Power: External 100V - 240V AC with 48V Phantom
  • Conditions: For use in dry locations only between 5°C and 40°C
  • Warranty: Radial 3-year, transferable
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Additional Information

Cancer and Reproductive Harm www.P65Warnings.ca.gov
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