Frequently Asked Questions

We will be adding FAQ as they come up...


My bank or credit card shows duplicate charges on my account.

Any time you hit submit on any website when placing an order, the resulting action is a credit authorization for that transaction. If you submit the same order multiple times, this can result in multiple authorizations from your bank. 

This does not mean your card was "charged". It means your bank authorized and held funds to cover a potential charge.

Let's say you place an order with the wrong billing address. The bank may authorize the transaction, but we could decline it because of non-matching information.

Then you re-submit your order with corrected information. The 2nd authorization was accepted and had a match. The result may be 2 pending authorizations on your account.

In both cases, these are merely authorizations. The credit card may reduce your available credit, and your debit account may hold funds. 

We recommend reading about "authorize and capture" online for further information.

I have paid with PayPal but your site says "Awaiting Payment".

Lunchbox Audio generally does not accept your PayPal payment until we are ready to ship your order. We utilize PayPal's "authorize and capture" feature to prevent unnecessary charges to your card account.

This is beneficial in the event you wish to change or cancel your order. 

I am having problems shipping my order to an alternate shipping address. Can you help?

For our customer's protection, and due to Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express regulations and/or PayPal Seller Requirements, Lunchbox Audio only ships merchandise to a valid shipping address. Valid shipping addresses include your credit card billing address, PayPal confirmed address, or any other seller protection eligible PayPal payment address.

If you are using a credit card, customers may be able to contact their credit card issuer to have the alternate shipping address added as a permanent address that will provide a positive address verification match when your transaction is processed on You will have to use this new address as both a billing and ship to address when you check out.

If you are using PayPal, we recommend entering the billing address to match whatever address you will be using within PayPal so that they match on our check out system.

If you still have problems checking out on our site, please use our contact us page to send a message and we can work with you directly!

My order has arrived but I cannot sign for it at home because I am at work. Can you remove the signature requirement so that the shipper can leave the package at my place?

For our customer's protection, and due to Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express regulations and/or PayPal Seller Requirements, Lunchbox Audio requires a signature on almost every shipment.

If your order was shipped by UPS, please contact UPS at 1-800-PICK-UPS and request a "My Choice" delivery option. UPS will work with you to deliver your package at a time convenient for you or allow you to pick up your order from a nearby UPS Store.

If your order was shipped by FedEx, please contact FedEx at 1-800-GO-FEDEX to request delivery options. FedEx will work with you to deliver your package to a local FedEx Office location for more convenient pickup.

If your order was shipped via USPS, a notice will be left in your mailbox with instructions on how to pick up your package at the local postal office in your area. 



Customs, Duties & Taxes

I am an international buyer. Will you mark my shipment as a gift? 

No. We are a business and mark all sales as merchandise. If an item is a warranty repair, replacement or a replacement part, we will mark the package accordingly.

I am an international buyer. Will you mark my package as "Used Merchandise"?

Currently, there is no option on US Customs Forms to select "Used Merchandise." There is an "Other" box where we can write this in for items that are sold as used if you really feel it makes a difference to your country's customs office.

I am an international buyer. Will you put a lower value on my package so that I can avoid customs duties or taxes in my country?

In general, no. We must guarantee that we can insure your package in the rare event of loss. We may reduce the value slightly, but still must be able to insure adequately against loss.

Won't you put a lower value on my package if I state that I will accept the risk of loss?

In general, no. Our experience is that in the rare event of loss, our customers appreciate that we have taken steps to ensure they can receive a full repair or replacement of their item when damage or loss occurs. We also know that it is human nature for customers to blame businesseses when something does go wrong and their promise to accept the risk is forgotten when problems occur. 

But I really want this item, won't you reconsider?

No. Please see the reasons explained above.

International Voltage

I am an international buyer. Will products sold by Lunchbox Audio work in my country?

In general, most products will work just fine!

However, international buyers should be aware that not all products sold by Lunchbox Audio are wired for acceptance of international voltages, may not contain the needed power cables for international use, may require fuse or other adjustments, or otherwise require you to use a step-voltage adjustment tool to achieve optimal usage conditions.

Before plugging and powering any device, first check the voltage settings of the device printed on the device or in the reference manual. Do not simply assume you can add an adapter and plug it in.

We recommend checking the device's power section first. Some products contain a universal power supply for voltages of 100V-240V. Other products will require a fuse to be replaced, or other steps, to adjust it to the proper voltage. Some other products may not be adjustable at all and will require a step transformer for you to operate at proper voltages in your country.

It is the responsibility of the customer to verify the unit is set up properly for their country's voltage before plugging in and powering the unit. 

Please note: Damage caused by the buyer from applications of improper voltage are not covered by any manufacturer warranty nor any return or replacement policy