Lunchbox Audio Coffee

coffee225x350-test.jpgCoffee is a northwest tradition! Since 2014, Lunchbox Audio has been including free whole bean and ground coffee with many of our direct orders shipped in the USA. It's our way of saying thank you for doing business with us!

Our coffee beans are sourced from fair trade organizations and micro-roasted in small batches to ensure you are experiencing only the best cup every time.

Whether starting your day at the studio with a fresh cup, or looking for that extra jolt in the middle of a late session, Lunchbox Audio coffee has been designed for anyone who loves a bold cup.

Lunchbox Audio Coffee is a specific bean roasted in a special way. We taste-tested hundreds of cups before settling on this single bean roast. We prefer a medium-dark roast with robust flavor and we hope you enjoy our Lunchbox Audio Coffee as much as we do.

For best results, we recommend brewing the coffee in a french press to bring out all the flavor of the bean, and please enjoy your coffee in a ceramic cup to avoid altering the taste.

12oz bags are available here!