Wunder Audio PAFOUR Plus 19" Rack Mount 4 Channel Mic Preamp

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The Wunder Audio PAFOURplus is the 19" rack mount, four-channel microphone preamplifier version of the PEQ2. We've added new features to every channel of the original PAFOUR to make this new version a definite plus.

New Features

  • NEW Beefy Output Stage added just before Output Transformer.
  • Upgraded "NICO" transformers (Nickle/Iron/Colbalt).
  • Discrete Active HP Filter.
  • Output fader.
  • Improved Gain switches, over 3 x the gold contact area per switch position.
  • Light Pipe Pushbuttons replaces small C&K toggle switches.
  • LED metering with Green signal indicator and Red clip light.
  • Gain knob has one extra position to achieve -6db less gain (-24dB).
  • Redesigned Enclosure with thicker gauge metal and tack welded with better RF protection.
  • Thicker faceplate.
  • 1% Metal Film resistors for lower noise floor and better matching from channel to channel.
  • Sturdier amp compensation or RF rejection capacitors
  • New PCB with revised and optimized component layout with beefier traces.
  • RF filtering
  • REQUIRES Blue Box (Powers 4 units) or Black Box (Powers 16 units) - Sold Separately
  • Also requires a Wunder DC Mains Power Cable (or daisy chain cable) - Sold Separately
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Additional Information

Please Note:
PAFOUR Plus requires a PSU and a 5' DC Main Cable. Additional units require only a 1' DC Daisy Chain Cable.
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