Rycote 033099 41cm Standard Hole Classic-Softie (19/22)

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The Rycote 033099 41 cm Classic Softie is a perfect fit for the Senheiser MKH8070.


The original slip-on windshield, the Classic-Softie offers proven, cost-effective wind protection at a moment’s notice.

The genuine Classic-Softie set the standard for slip-on wind protection. Advanced materials, adhesives and assembly techniques all combine to make the Softie an extremely tough product that provides excellent wind protection to withstand the harshest environments.

Classic-Softie Windshield

Providing lightning-fast wind protection, the Softie is designed for modern day ENG and location recording.

Specially designed acoustic foam and synthetic fur achieve up to 25 dB of wind-noise reduction without any adverse effect on high frequencies. While protecting the mic, the specialty foam is impervious to UV and moisture damage making this a trusted tool for years of effective use in the harshest environments.

Softie windshields are available in a large range of sizes to fit most popular shotgun microphones.

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