Ferrofish Verto 64 - 64 channel ADAT <> Dante format converter

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Verto 64
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  • Ferrofish Verto 64 - 64 channel ADAT <> Dante format converter
  • Ferrofish Verto 64 - 64 channel ADAT <> Dante format converter


64 x 64 ADAT channels to Dante: Makeable.

Dante is the de facto standard for networking audio equipment. With the Verto 64 it’s now possible to easily integrate up to 64 x 64 channels via ADAT into a Dante network. No matter which ADAT device you use – the Verto 64 makes all channels immediately avalilable in the network: “plug and play”.

The ultra compact device has 16 ADAT connectors: 8 for transmitting, and 8 for receiving digital data (8 channels each).

On the Dante side there are two RJ45 sockets, also prepared for redundant operation. The Verto 64 supports up to 96kHz sample rate, MIDI jacks for control, and BNC wordclock jacks for external synchronization.

Two other Verto versions are available:

An additional 19″ rack mount kit is available here.

Your ADAT equipment deserves to be Dante Verto‘d. All of it.

Dante Plug & Play

Integrate the Verto 64 seamlessly into your Dante network. Just plug it in and the device is visible on the network and ready to be routed freely using the Dante Controller software. Together with the Dante Virtual Soundcard, also from Audinate, the Verto 64 turns into a high channel count ADAT audio interface.

Additional features

The VERTO 64 is equipped with a MIDI port and two BNC wordclock connectors. This way an external Wordclock can be fed to the Dante network, or the Dante wordclock can be used for external devices.


  • 64 ADAT I/O Channels <> 64 Dante I/O Channels
  • 8 x ADAT I/O (TOSLINK)
    • Each ADAT port can transfer eight channels at a sample rate of 48 kHz (= 64 In + 64 Out channels). With 96 kHz it is possible to convert 32 Dante I/O to ADAT (S/MUX2).
  • MIDI I/O
    • MADI and Dante data streams can be used to send and receive embedded MIDI messages. A very useful feature, to remotely control MIDI equipment in the studio rack or on stage from the FOH.
  • Word Clock I/O
    • BNC with 75 Ohm termination.
    • Set to on by default – can be changed with the remote software via the network connection.
  • Dante Network I/O (redundant)
    • Two RJ-45 ports connect to any Dante audio network. Simply connect a LAN Ethernet cable (CAT5/CAT6) to the primary port. The secondary port takes automatically over in case of a network error (Dante Port Redundancy).
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Dante I/O

2x RJ-45 Ethernet port (PRIMARY/SECONDARY), 1 GBit Network
64 x 64 channel I/O (Dante Brooklyn II board built-in)


  • VERTO 32: 4x ADAT Input + 4x ADAT Output, optical TOSLINK
    • Channel count:
      • 32×32 channels at 48kHz,
      • 16×16 channels at 96kHz
  • VERTO 64: 8x ADAT Input + 8x ADAT Output, optical TOSLINK
    • Channel count:
      • 32×32 channels at 48kHz
      • 16×16 channels at 96kHz


  • 2 x DIN5 connector for MIDI embedding/de-embedding

Wordclock I/O

  • BNC: 1 x input, 1 x output
  • 75 Ohm Termination set by default (switchable via Dante)

Power Supply

14.4VA (1.2A at 12V)

  • Polyfuse internal, self-resetting
  • 1 x power supply included


  • Temperature range: 41°F up to 113°F (+5°C up to +45°C)
  • Humidity: <75%, non-condensing


  • Weight: 0,9 kg
  • Dimensions: 22 x 9 x 4,5 mm (without rack ears)

Optional accessories

19“ Rack mountain kit, metal (for mounting 1 x Verto in a 19” rack-space)
Multi-range Power Supply 12V (EU)
ADAT Cable Locking Plate (Part. No. 7027)

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