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Analog Input/Output

Input impedance 600K ohms (mono or stereo)
Output Impedance 470 ohms
Recommended Load Impedance 10K ohms or greater


Input 1 (mono) ¼ inch mono phone jack
Input 2 ¼ inch mono phone jack
Output 1 (mono) ¼ inch mono phone jack
Output 2 ¼ inch mono phone jack
Expression Pedal ¼ inch stereo phone jack
Mini USB Use 2.0 cables only
MIDI In Five pin DIN (Female)
MIDI Out/Thru Five pin DIN (Female)
AC Adapter Jack Power Supply included


Power 9 VDC, 500 mA, center pin (+)
Dimensions English 5.25" (H) x 4.65" (W) x 1.96" (D)
Metric 133 (H) x 118 (W) x 50 (D) mm
Weight 1.53 lbs, 0.7kG

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Eventide H9 MAX Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal

2.20 LBS
Usually ships within 24 hours
Calculated at checkout

Product Description

The H9 MAX includes all 45 algorithms and associated presets from Space, TimeFactor, PitchFactor, and ModFactor, plus UltraTap Delay, Resonator, and Compressor EQ. Ships with 99 factory presets inside (all others available through H9 Control app). Wireless control via Bluetooth using H9 Control app on Windows, OSX, and iOS. Built-in tuner, true bypass, MIDI, and shares algorithms with up to 4 other H9s on one eventide.com account.

The H9 MAX features a simple, one-knob user interface which allows easy Effect Editing and Preset Selection. Two onboard Footswitches let you change Presets, Tap Tempo, and Bypass with your feet during live performance.

While the H9 MAX is fully controllable via its front panel, a free editor/librarian, H9 MAX Control, can be downloaded to your Mac, PC, or iOS device. Use the H9 MAX Control app for live editing, creating and managing presets, and changing system settings. H9 MAX even connects via Bluetooth to iPods, iPhones and iPads for wireless live control. The H9 MAX features stereo audio I/O, MIDI I/O, Expression Pedal, and Auxiliary Switch inputs.


  • 45 effects algorithms included
  • Wireless control via Bluetooth
  • H9 MAX Control app for Windows, OSX, and iOS
  • Built-in tuner, true bypass
  • Built-in MIDI, and shares algorithms with up to 4 other H9s on one account
  • 45 number of algorithms possible via H9 CORE Control app

Included Algorithms

From TimeFactor

  • Digital Delay
  • Vintage Delay
  • Tape Echo
  • Mod Delay
  • Ducked Delay
  • Band Delay
  • Filter Pong
  • MultiTap
  • Reverse
  • Looper

From ModFactor

Chorus (Four Types)

  • Liquid Chorus
  • Shimmer Chorus
  • Organic Chorus
  • Classic Chorus

Phaser (Five Types)

  • Negative Phaser
  • Postive Phaser
  • BiPhase Phaser
  • Feedback Phaser
  • PhaseX0 Phaser

Wah (Four Types)

  • WahWah Q-Wah
  • Voc-Wah Q-Wah
  • Bass Wah
  • Bass Vocal Wah

Flanger (Five Types)

  • Positive Flanger
  • Negative Flanger
  • Jet Flanger
  • Thru-o Flanger

ModFilter (Three Types)

  • Lowpass ModFilter
  • HiPass ModFilter
  • BandPass ModFilter

Rotary (Two Types)

  • Standard Rotary
  • Giant Rotary

Tremolo (Two Types)

  • Bias Tremolo
  • Opto Tremolo

Vibrato (Three Types)

  • Modern Vibrato
  • Vintage Vibrato
  • Retro Vibrato

Undulator (Two Types)

  • Pitch Undulator
  • Feedback Undulator

Ringmod (Two Types)

  • Ring (DC) Ringmod
  • String (AC) Ringmod

From PitchFactor

  • Diatonic
  • PitchFlex™
  • Quadravox™
  • Octaver™
  • HarModulator™
  • Crystals™
  • MicroPitch
  • HarPeggiator™
  • H910 / H949
  • Synthonizer™

From Space

  • Room
  • Plate
  • Spring
  • Hall
  • Reverse
  • Shimmer
  • ModEchoVerb
  • DualVerb
  • Blackhole™
  • MangledVerb™
  • TremoloVerb
  • DynaVerb

New H9 Exclusives

  • UltraTap™
  • Resonator
  • EQ Compressor

H9 MAX Presets List