Burl Audio BCLK Word Clock Distribution for B16 / B80 Mothership

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The Burl Audio BAD8 is 4-channel DAC card for B80 MOTHERSHIP AD/DA converter. Using a card based system, and a heavy duty 4U chassis, the B80 MOTHERSHIP employs 10 card slots with 2, 4 and 8 channel AD/DA cards, all with the B2 quality signal path. With each BCLK card, you can add 9 additional word clock outputs per slot. 92 total word clock outputs are possible per B80 MOTHERSHIP.

BCLK Features

  • 9 Word Clock Outputs (8 BNC, 1 AES)
  • Extremely stable, low jitter clock
  • Up to 92 Word Clock outputs in 1 unit
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