Allen & Heath GR4 4 mic + 4 stereo, 4 zone rack mount mixer

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GR4 is a 1U rack-mounting or desktop audio mixer, providing simple yet comprehensive control of background music and paging in bars, restaurants, stores and other leisure / retail environments. Standout features include optional remote wallplates, a mic input on the front panel, plus a 3.5mm jack on the front for portable music sources.


  • Connectivity
      • Four mic inputs on rear mount Phoenix connectors with MIC1 selectable to an optional front mounted XLR.
      • Four stereo inputs on rear mount phono connectors. An additional front mounted 3.5mm jack socket overrides input 4 phono source.
      • Two stereo (mono selectable via internal jumper) zones on rear mount Phoenix connectors. An additional two mono zone outputs are available with mix output being selectable from internal jumpers.
      • Paging and Alarm contact inputs on rear mounted Phoenix connectors allow integration with 3rd party paging stations and fire alarm systems.
    • REMOTE
      • Remote control can be achieved via PL-14 Remote connected to the rear mounted RJ45 or custom/3rd party analogue remotes connected to the rear mounted Phoenix connectors.
    • Individual mix and selectable control of all inputs to Z1 & Z2. Multiple options for configuring mix outputs to Z3 & Z4 (via internal jumpers).
    • Gain and 2 band EQ available on all mic inputs with an additional 2 band EQ available on Z1 & Z2 outputs.
    • When audio sensed on MIC1 channel and/or PAGE contact closure is sensed then music is faded to pre-set level and MICs2-4 muted for the duration of the announcement. MIC1 zone select LEDs flash slowly when in priority mic mode.
    • Gain / volume rotary controls can be removed and capped (caps supplied) to prevent unauthorised use.
    • Primary and secondary mic modes
      • Perfect for controlling hierarchal microphone feeds such as simple paging announcements.
    • Emergency mic mode
      • For use with 3rd party systems in emergency situations. Mutes all inputs except MIC1 on alarm contact closure.
    • Juke box mode
      • Provides a priority line input to the system for pre-recorded announcements or programme material such as Sports channels.
    • Entering programming mode allows the following parameters to be adjusted:
      • Ducker attenuation
      • Ducker hold time
      • Ducker release time
      • Music crossfade time
      • Jukebox hold time
      • Jukebox release time
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  • Mic Input Sensitivity (Gain = Min): 0dBu
  • Mic Input Sensitivity (Gain = Max): -50dBu
  • Mic Level control (Max): +5dB
  • Mic Level control (Min): -80dB
  • Mic HPF -3dB: 320Hz (TBC)
  • Mic EQ LF: +/- 15dB fc = 80Hz
  • Mic EQ HF: +/-15dB fc = 8kHz
  • Mic Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20kHz +/-1dB
  • Mic THD+n @0dBu in 1kHz: 0.004% 22-22kHz
  • Mic THD+n @-30dBu in 30dB gain 1kHz: 0.005% 22-22kHz
  • Mic Hi Level warning LED (Unity gain): +18dBu
  • Clip level (Unity gain): +21dBu
  • ST Input Sensitivity (Gain link OFF): 0dBu
  • ST Input Sensitivity (Gain Link ON): -10dBu
  • ST Level control (Max): +6dB
  • ST Level control (Min): -76dB
  • ST Frequency response 20Hz: 20Hz – 20kHz +/-0.5dB
  • ST THD+n @-10dBu in 1kHz: 0.015% 22-22kHz
  • ST THD+n @0dBu in 1kHz: 0.035% 22-22kHz
  • Crosstalk from unselected channel: -75dB @ 1kHz
  • Main Zone Level control (Max): 0dB
  • Main Zone Level control (Min): -74dB
  • Main Zone Hi Lev LED (Unity gain): +18dBu
  • Main Zone EQ LF: +/-15dB fc = 80Hz
  • Main Zone EQ HF: +/-15dB fc 8kHz
  • Main Zone Clip level (Unity gain): +21dBu
  • Noise: -90dBu 22-22kHz
  • ST Input to Main Zone output (Unity): -88dBu 22-22kHz
  • Mic Input routed at Min gain as well: -77dBu 22-22kHz (150R source)
    • Mic Input routed at Max gain
  • Power consumption: 15W
    • GR4 unit (no remote attached)

Weights & Dimensions

  • Height: 48mm (1.9”)
  • Length: 242mm (9.5”)
  • Width: 438mm (17.2”)
  • Weight: 3.4kg (7.5lbs)
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