3-Zigma Chi - Interchangeable Capsule Microphone System

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  • 3-Zigma Chi - Interchangeable Capsule Microphone System
  • Transformerless Head Amp + C-LOL-47 (SKU: TL-47)
  • Transormerless Head Amp + Small Diaphragm Capsule
  • Transformerless Head Amp
  • Transformer-Coupled Model HA-FX with 3-Way Pad and 3-Way High-Pass Switch
  • Small Diaphragm Capsule
  • Wide Diaphragm Capsule


CHI (Capsule/Head-Amp Integration) is the perfect combination of technology and tone. Finally, sound is not sacrificed for Specs. And still - the CHI System has some of the best specs in the universe!

The CHI is designed to be an extremely flexible platform offering the demanding engineer a range of sounds going from the most classic vintage toned capsules to the most true to the source, "straight wire", modern specs capsules. Made to be reliable and robust, this microphone system must be regarded as a long term investment, and one that can only grow: indeed, as you add more capsules and accessories, your CHI system will expand and offer more options thus enhancing your recording, helping you getting the sounds you're after in the studio and generally speaking, broadening your sound "palette" when recording. The CHI head amp is a very neutral transformer-less impedance converter, simply fed by standard 48 Volts Phantom power. It has ample headroom, extremely low noise and is totally stable and perfectly shielded. The main strength of the CHI system lies in its flexibility: the transparent head amp lets you pick the sound and behaviour of the capsule to form a combination which offers a sound ranging from transparent and unobtrusive (using the small diaphragm capsules) and flexible (many different polar responses) to obviously colored (any of the large diaphragm capsules). Let's now go over the capsules one by one.


  • HA-TL for Studio Recording, Live Sound with Medium SPL Sources. HA-TL is a High-Output Quasi-Class A Device.
  • HA-FX for Live Sound Applications, High SPL Recording. HA-FX includes Transformer + PAD & HPF for Tone & Dynamic Control


  • Cardioid: A very typical SD capsule, probably the one you'll use most often. Straight cardioids pattern with nice, flat frequency response with only minimal treble peak, giving a very true and neutral sound with just enough reach and directionality for most jobs. The proximity effect is totally predictable.
  • Hypercardioid: A more directional version of the Cardioid capsule, with more proximity effect. The treble response is still very realistic and to some people, will actually sound more "real" than the cardioid.
  • Omni, available with:
    • Diffuse Field response: to be used when a relatively flat treble is required off axis, for instance when the sound of the room needs to be accurately represented (darker source).
    • Free Field response: to be used when a relatively flat treble is required on axis, for instance when the source needs to be accurately represented (darker room sound).


  • C-Lol-12: Designed with the C12* in mind, this capsule will give the CHI head amp the color of the vintage Austrian condenser which became a favorite for pop vocal recordings. Nice predictable polar pattern control with deep bass response.
  • C-Lol-47: Designed with the U47* in mind, this capsule will give the CHI head amp the color of the famous old German condenser which became a classic for mellow vocal recordings. More directional than a straight Cardioid, but still considered to be a Cardioid capsule. Can very "Robust" used close to the source.
  • C-Lol-67: Designed with the U67* in mind, this capsule will give the CHI head amp the color of the "other" famous old German condenser which became the first choice for "present" vocal recordings when the U47* didn't deliver enough HF information. Nice, even Cardioid response, with predictable proximity effect.
  • C-Lol-251: Designed as an alternative to the C12*, to emulate the ELAM 251* and its unique treble presence. The top octave has a unique 15K peak but the presence band peaks right in the middle of the vocal range. This is a perfect modern pop microphone. Like the C-Lol-12, it has a nice, even, Cardioid response, with gradual, predictable proximity effect.


Each combination of microphone head amp and capsule is available as a single set or as a pair. Mixed sets are available under the 3-Zigma Tool-Kit product.

Each set comes in a wooden display box with shock mount(s).

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