True Systems PT2-500D Ribbon & Dynamic Microphone / Instrument Preamplifier

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The pT2-500D preamp is optimized for dynamic and ribbon microphones, and also produces superior results with self-powered tube microphones. While similar to the TEC nominated pT2 500, it provides more gain (76dB) and higher input impedance, along with a unique low frequency adjust control. The LOF Adjust is a 6 position switch that provides nuanced low frequency contouring that can be particularly effective with vocals and bass DI applications. A discrete FET DI with In and Thru connections completes the package.


  • API™ 500 series module format
  • Detented, continuous Gain Control and Dual Gain Ranges for:
    • 76dB maximum gain
    • easy recall of gain settings
    • easy gain setting over wide gain ranges
  • High Input Impedance for:
    • More clarity and accuracy with ribbon and dynamic microphones
  • Low Frequency Adjust Control for:
    • nuanced low frequency contouring
    • better definition of vocals and bass without boosting high midrange
    • elimination of low frequency “mud”
  • “Real DI” with IN and THRU jacks for:
    • easy hookup to amps for simultaneous DI and amp’d tracking or live sound
    • easy hookup to other DI’s or effects for simultaneous tracking or live sound
  • Totally Balanced Topology for:
    • insensitivity to ground noise/loops
    • Insensitivity to EMI, both external and from adjacent modules/power supplies
    • reduced distortion
  • Rail to Rail design for:
    • higher internal headroom
    • higher maximum input level without pad
    • higher output level without transformer and excessive power supply current
  • 0.1% precision resistors for:
    • exceptional Common
  • Mode and Output Signal Balance performance
    • excellent unit to unit sonic consistency
  • Steel Enclosure for:
    • protection from EMI and RFI
    • protection from ESD and handling contamination/damage
  • 4 Level Signal Meter
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Max. Output (0.001% THD): +29 dBu
THD+N (+26dBu, Gain=40dB): 0.0006%
Max.Input (no pad): +20.5dBu ( +28dBu, output at min. gain)
Frequency Response (Gain=40dB): 1.5Hz to 550KHz(3dB)
Noise (Rs=50 ohms): 133dBu e.i.n.
Slew Rate: > 50V/uS
CMRR(CMV = +10dBu, 30Hz to 20KHz): 85dB
Low Frequency Adjust (3dB, 6dB/oct): 40Hz, 80Hz, 160Hz, 280Hz, 400Hz
Low Gain Range, preamp: 7.5dB to 59dB
High Gain Range, preamp: 24.5dB to 76dB
Input Impedance, preamp: 10Kohm
Low Gain Range, DI: 9.5dB to 42dB
High Gain Range, DI: 7.5dB to 59dB
Input Impedance, DI: 2.5Mohm
Power Consumption: +/16VDC, 65mA.
Physical Configuration: per API™ 500 series module specification.

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