RTZ Professional Audio UX410 - 500 Series Enclosure

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  • RTZ Professional Audio UX410 - 500 Series Enclosure
  • RTZ Professional Audio UX410 - 500 Series Enclosure


Note: Requires PS410 Power Supply (Sold Separately)

The UX410 is our new heavy duty 500 Series compatible rack system. Each UX410 rack holds up to ten 500 series compatible modules and is powered by a super clean external DC linear power supply that can power up to three UX410 racks. Each UX410 has it's own DC power switch to facilitate powering down individual racks for quick module changes. LEDs provide clear power indication status at all times and front panel fuses allow for easy fuse replacement in the event a module fails and/or draws excessive current. All power rails are fuse protected in the rack along with DC branch fuses in the external PS410 power supply for maximum system protection.

The UX410 PCB motherboard is meticulously laid out for maximum shielding and clean power distribution. High quality SMD bypass caps are located directly at each of the module connector power pins for additional bypassing. We've also given detailed attention to the chassis, analog and power ground scheme throughout the PCB and enclosure design. Each channel also contains 1/4" option I/O jacks that module designers may use for additional signal routing features and functionality.

Heat is the enemy of nearly all audio electronics. The UX410 uses a temperature controlled fan cooling system rather than convection cooling like other designs. Cool air is pulled from the left hand side of the rack and across all modules and then forced out the right hand chassis side by a low noise long life DC fan. The forced air design allows for stacking UX410 racks directly on top of each other without the need for spacer/vent panels between units in your studio gear racks. So, the UX410 saves you precious rack space, allows for easy module changes and all your 500 modules run cooler for a longer life.

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Power Requirements
+/ - 16V DC @ 1.5A max
+48V DC @ 100mA max

Channel I/O’s
Balanced XLR
TRS ¼” option I/O’s

5.25 ” (H) x 19 .0 ”(W) x 1 8.18 ”(L)

11.5 lbs

Forced Air Fan

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