RTZ Professional Audio - PSL410 Single Rack Power Supply

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  • RTZ Professional Audio - PSL410 Single Rack Power Supply
  • RTZ Professional Audio - PSL410 Single Rack Power Supply


The PSL410 is new single rack ultimate power solution for the UX410 ten module rack system. The PSL410 supply provides up to 1.5A of continous duty power without suffering the heat concerns and startup over current problems that can plauge cheap switching supplies.

Soft Start

The PSL410 contains soft-start circuitry to avoid start-up over current problems when powering many modules with large capacitive and inductive loads. The 16V power rails gradually ramp at power-on and allow the load to charge slowly intially. This feature greatly reduces the in-rush surge at power up and extends component life as well as the life of your modules.

Cool Under Load

The PSL410 is equipped with large efficient heatsinks and a low velocity low noise internal fan. The fan is thermostatically controlled and the speed of the fan increases as the ambient temperature inside the unit rises. The fan will run at lower speeds with less fan noise under light load and/or temperature conditions. Likewise, the fan will run at higher speeds if the unit is under heavy load or placed in a hot environment.

The PSL410 contains a high current toroidial transformer custom designed and wound to our specifications and requirements. The transformer is wound using a low noise winding technique and is specifically designed for use with audio applications. The toroid transformer also contains and internal ground screen between the primary and secondary windings for additional electrostatic noise isolation.

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Recommended Source Impedance 200Ω balanced
Recommended 9762A Load Low-Z (600Ω)
Maximum Input Level 0 dBu
Output Level +27 dBu Maximum
Maximum Gain 75 dB
Frequency Response 20 Hz to 50 kHz ±1.5dB
Output Distortion (THD+n) 1% THD, 22kHz B/W Low-Z mode, 150-Ohms source, 27 dBu
Input Sensitivity –75 dBu to –20 dBu for +4 dBu output
Input Referred Noise -106dBu Unweighted Noise, Lo Z Mode 22kHz Bandwidth
Power Requirements +/-16 VDC, 120mA
Temperature Range 10 C to 50 C
Shipping Weight Approximately 2 lbs
Dimensions 5.25” (H) x 1.5”(W) x 5.6”(L)

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