RTZ Professional Audio PEQ-1549 - 500 Series Parametric Equalizer

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  • RTZ Professional Audio PEQ-1549 - 500 Series Parametric Equalizer
  • RTZ Professional Audio PEQ-1549 - 500 Series Parametric Equalizer
  • RTZ Professional Audio PEQ-1549 - 500 Series Parametric Equalizer
  • RTZ Professional Audio PEQ-1549 - 500 Series Parametric Equalizer


RTZ Audio’s introduces the PEQ-1549 parametric equalizer, the first module in the Legends 500 series. The PEQ-1549 was inspired by the original vintage Calrec PQ1549 equalizer with its bold British sound shaping capabilities. The Calrec PQ1549 is a rare, but legendary, British EQ that some regard as one of the best sounding op-amp R/C type based equalizers ever designed. The RTZ design contains the full Calrec implementation, including the low-pass and high-pass filter sections, all elegantly squeezed into the popular 500 form factor.

RTZ also added some important new band switching features. The high frequency section contains an air-band mode along with a 2X mode added to the high-mid section for additional flexibility. All the frequency points and curves have been painstakingly tweaked and optimized for maximum musicality and sonic performance. This equalizer will allow you to carve up sound in ways that you could never imagine on desktop mixers or generic outboard equalizers.

The PEQ-1549 is well suited for professional recording, sound reinforcement, broadcast or any application where high quality equalization is required. State variable filters form the four parametric EQ sections with cut, boost, and high-Q controls. The HF and LF sections also provide shelf modes of operation. The HP/LP filter section contains two-pole adjustable high-pass and low-pass cutoff filters that set the high or low frequency pass-band points for the ultimate in equalization flexibility.

This is an amazing equalizer that can help transform your mixes!


  • Very musical British type equalization.
  • Cut/boost and high-Q mode on all four bands.
  • Shelf mode for high and low frequency bands.
  • Long life 11-detent conductive plastic potentiometers.
  • High frequency Air-Band mode and high-mid 2X mode.
  • Extra low distortion figures.
  • Signal present and Overload LED indicators.
  • Fully shielded all steel enclosure design.
  • True bypass relay switching.
  • Long-life electrolytic capacitors.
  • Lundahl Output Transformer (Standard) (Transformerless output option available by custom order only)
  • Four layer PCB’s with meticulous layout and grounding.
  • Full 5-Year limited warranty against defects.

Build Quality

The PEQ-1549 utilizes low noise/distortion line drivers and receivers from THAT Corporation, and a Lars Lundahl LL2811 output transformer stage.

The unit also contains true - bypass relay switching along with signal present and overload indicator LED’s.

High quality 1% metal film resistors and Wima Film capacitors are used throughout the PEQ - 1549 and all the electrolytic capacitors are high quality Panasonic long - life types.

All potentiometers are eleven detent long - life (100,000 cycles) conductive plastic types with custom injection molded pencil - style control knobs for a clean look and precise feel. The detents allow for consistent repeatable settings.

It was no small feat packing this much EQ performance and features into such a small package.

The Four Frequency Bands

The PEQ-1549 is a four band equalizer using the same state-variable filter design as the original legendary Calrec PQ1549 equalizer. The state-variable design allows the filter parameters in each band to be varied independently and without interaction.

The four bands cover frequencies up to 35 kHz and are divided as follows:

  • HF - High Frequencies (dual band)
    Normal Mode: 1.5 kHz to 16 kHz
    Air-Band Mode: 3.4 kHz to 35 kHz
  • HM - High-Mid Frequencies (dual band)
    Normal Mode: 350 Hz to 7.5 kHz
    2X Band Mode: 680 Hz to 16 kHz
  • LM - Low-Mid Frequencies
    Adjustable from 210 Hz to 2.3 kHz
  • LF - Low Frequencies
    Adjustable from 30 Hz to 320 Hz


Additionally, the PEQ-1549 contains a high-pass and low-pass filter section that may be switched in/out as needed for maximum flexibility.

The filter provides the following filter sections:

  • HP High-Pass (Low-Cut) from 25 Hz to 1.2 kHz
  • LP Low-Pass (High-Cut) from 2.5 kHz to 35 kHz
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Input Level
+4 dBu Nominal
+24.5 dBu Maximum

Output Level
+4 dBu Nominal
+27.5 dBu Maximum

Input Impedance
48 K Ohms Differential

Output Impedance
50 Ohms

Output Distortion (THD+n)
0.003% @1kHz (22Hz to 22kHz @+24dBu)

Frequency Response
10Hz (-0.5dB) to 50kHz (-0.5dB)
Test Conditions:
+4dBu input signal
All Cut/Boost Controls at “0”

Residual Noise Measurement
-85 dBu (22Hz - 22kHz)
-75 dBu (10Hz - 80kHz)
Test Conditions:
Balanced Input 150 Ohms Source Impedance
All Cut/Boost Controls at “0”

Power Requirements
+/- 16 VDC, 130mA

Temperature Range
10C to 50 C

Shipping Weight
Approximately 1.7 lbs

5.25” (H) x 19.0”(W) x 18.18”(L)

NOTE: All controls are set to FLAT (no cut or boost) with the EQ and FILTER engaged for input/output level measurements, distortion/noise measurements and frequency response measurements.

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