Radial Workhorse 500 Series 8 Slot Rack with 8x2 Summing Mixer

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  • Radial Workhorse 500 Series 8 Slot Rack with 8x2 Summing Mixer
  • Radial Workhorse 500 Series 8 Slot Rack with 8x2 Summing Mixer
  • Radial Workhorse 500 Series 8 Slot Rack with 8x2 Summing Mixer
  • Workhouse Power Rack - Loaded view
  • Recording and Reamping
  • Live Recording
  • Flexible Channel Strip
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Workhorse 500 Series Rack

The Radial Workhorse is a modular 500-series rack that combines an extensive patching system with an analog summing mixer to create an incredibly flexible studio environment.


  • 500 series 8 slot rack with 8×2 summing mixer
  • Plenty of current for power hungry modules
  • Dual output headphone buss for monitoring
  • DB25, TRS & XLR I/O for flexible patching

Create Unique Channel Strips

Compatible with all API 500 series modules, the Workhorse provides more power and easier connectivity than a typical rack. Not only is it equipped with a variety of I/O options, but signal to be routed from one module to the next without cables to easily create channel strips. Compatible EQ and compressor modules can also be stereo linked with the flick of a switch. A special Omniport jack delivers module-specific functionality that can range from an extra output, key input, or effects insert depending on the module. Finally, an external 1600 mA power supply provides enough current to ensure each module is powered correctly.

Mix Outside The Box

Unique to the Workhorse is a built-in summing mixer that allows module outputs to be turned on and off, level matched, and panned to a Jensen transformer coupled stereo output. Multiple Workhorses can be linked in larger mixer setups, and a high-quality headphone output allows for monitoring without latency when tracking.

Workhorse Applications

  • Flexible Channel Strip
    • The Workhorse is ideally suited to create the optimal channel strip. Combine your favorite preamp with an EQ and compressor and send the signal to your recorder and the headphones at the same time.
  • Live Recording
    • The Workhorse is easily arranged to create an 8 channel recording system. Add 8 PowerPre mic preamps and you are set to go! Use the expansion slot for 16, 24 or even 32 channels.
  • Recording and Reamping
    • The Workhorse is an awesome tool that lets you record the instrument with a preamp and then use the Radial X-Amp and EXTC for Reamping signals back out to effects and guitar amplifiers.
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The Radial Workhorse is designed to be a neutral sounding platform through which various modules can be connected. In other words, the `personality` of the module is meant to shine through. The simplicity of the design is ideally suited for this task as there are no individual channel inserts, effects or equalization circuits. This being said, analogue audio equipment should introduce warmth and personality to the clinical world of digital recording. To this end, we have provided two types of outputs: the main output is Jensen transformer coupled to add character and warmth while the monitor output has been optimized for absolute linearity.

  • Audio circuit type: Connection buss from modules to connectors
  • Transformer: Jensen Transformer isolation on main outputs
  • Number of channels: 8 card slots
  • Total harmonic distortion: 0.007% @ 1kHz with 10dB in and 10dB out 0.05% @ 20Hz with 10dB in and 10dB out
  • Noise: -91dB with +20dB output
  • Voltage Gain: Up to +23dB on the main output
  • Cross Talk: -65dB


  • Level Control, Phantom Power, Headphone, OmniPort
  • Input Connectors: Card Slot Inputs: 8 XLR, 1/4", D-Sub
  • Output Connectors: Card Slot Outputs: 8 XLR, 1/4", D-Sub
  • Extras: XLR, 1/4" TRS Jensen Transformer isolated main outputs, 1/4" Headphone outputs


  • Size (L x W x D): 19" x 5.25" x 7.44" (482.6 x 134 x 189mm)
  • Weight: 12.4lbs / 5.6kg
  • Power: 100V - 240V AC with 48V Phantom Input (1200mA output)
  • Conditions: For use in dry locations only between 5°C and 40°C
  • Warranty: Radial 3-year, transferable
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Additional Information

Cancer and Reproductive Harm www.P65Warnings.ca.gov
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