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Circuit type:        Hybrid tube / proprietary circuit
Tube type         Standard 12AX7 vacuum tube
Input impedance:           1meg Ohm at input jack
Output impendence:        10K Ohm

Drive gain
3-way switch used in conjunction with the drive gain control. Drive switch selects the gain range of the overdrive circuit.

  • Low: Normal mode (+0dB Nominal)
  • Med: Medium distortion (+9dB)
  • High: High distortion (+20dB)

Intermediate drive: (Intergain™)        Variable fine-tune gain for CHANNEL-1 ( rhythm) - counter-clockwise for more gain
Drive-1 & 2 controls:  Used in conjunction with the drive gain switch, drive is used to adjust the overall amount of gain to the overdrive circuit.

Mid Boost 1 & 2 - two 3 pos switches:        
Used to fatten up the sound for more cut and sustain during solos. Also, will fatten up the sound of single coil pickups.

CHANNEL-1 (rhythm) / CHANNEL-2 (lead)

  • High: +8dB @ 390Hz / +12dB @ 390Hz
  • Medium: +4dB @ 390Hz / +7dB @ 390Hz
  • Bypass: No boost   / No boost

FILTER control:         Balances the ratio of high frequencies between amplifier and Classic distortion to compensate for overly bright amplifiers.

3-way switch sets the overall tonal character of the Classic to best match the amp and settings. Brighter amps are normally compensated with darker settings.

  • Bright: Boosts +6dB @ 10kHz
  • Flat: Cuts -6dB @ 1.8kHz
  • Dark: No boost

High & Low EQ controls:         Unity gain to +15dB

  • Low: +/- 14.5 db @ 100Hz
  • High: +/- 10 db @ 4.3kHz

Footswitches:         True bypass with green on/off status LED; Toggle 1<>2 with red & yellow status LED's
LED indicators:           Large 3mm OD ultra-bright LED's
Switching:        Opto-coupler assisted, 5msec Rise time
Construction:        14 gauge steel, baked enamel finish
Size:        8.12 x 4.25 x 2.12" (207 x 108 x 54mm)
Weight:        2.55lb (1.16kg)

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Radial Engineering Tonebone Trimode Tube Distortion Pedal

R800 7015
3.70 LBS
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Product Description

The Tonebone Classic Trimode is our most progressive pedal ever! Trimode gives you instant access to superb clean, rhythm and lead tones without tap dancing. And tone you will receive. Based on the heritage of America's finest tube amplifiers, the Trimode delivers five generations of tone from the slight overdrive of early rock & roll to blistering power tones of today's high gain amps.

Following the award-winning Tonebone Classic, the Trimode combines the warmth and even harmonics of a 12AX7 tube with our unique dual-stage drive for the natural dynamics and response of a vintage tube amp.

As the name implies, Trimode has three settings: 'True Bypass Clean Mode' for the natural tone of your guitar - direct to your amp; 'Rhythm Mode' with input drive, output gain and our unique Interstage™ drive to precision-tune the mayhem you are about to unleash; and 'Solo Mode' with its own input drive, output gain, and mid boost for days of sustain. Trimode goes even further with a built-in effects loop on the solo channel that lets you instantly engage a delay or pedal chain with a single foot action.

Trimode: 3 modes, huge tone and amazing dynamics – finally, a pedal that sounds and feels like a real tube amp!


  • True bypass clean mode
  • Dynamic rhythm distortion mode
  • Sustaining lead distortion mode
  • 12AX7 tube for natural overdrive tone
  • Effects loop on lead solo channel