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PreSonus StudioLive AI-series PA Loudspeakers (04:40)
PreSonus® is proud to announce its new StudioLive™ AI-series Active Integration Loudspeakers, the first active loudspeakers that deliver studio-monitor accuracy onstage and are equipped with complete wireless or wired remote control and monitoring using an iPad® or laptop. All StudioLive AI-series speakers incorporate Fulcrum Acoustic's TQ™ Temporal Equalization algorithms. TQ employs multiple, fully addressable Finite Impulse Response (FIR) filters to eliminate horn reflections and to correct linear time and amplitude anomalies. Collaborating with Fulcrum Acoustic co-founder, Dave Gunness, PreSonus software designers incorporated custom TQ algorithms with dynamics processing, FFT tools, and performance monitoring into the onboard DSP - quite possibly the most powerful suite of tools ever available in a loudspeaker system. The result is a PA system with remarkably clear, coherent, studio-quality sound: Studio...Live! For more on StudioLive AI PA speakers, click here: http://www.presonus.com/products/StudioLive-328AI
  • PreSonus Studi...
    PreSonus® is proud to announce its new StudioLive™ AI-series A...
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Acoustic Performance
Configuration: 3-way, quad-amplified loudspeaker system
Frequency Response (-10 dB): 54 Hz to 23 kHz
Frequency Response (-6 dB): 59 Hz to 22 kHz
Nominal Coverage (-6 dB): 90° x 60°
Maximum Peak SPL: 133 dB
Crossover Frequency: 1.7 kHz
Directivity Index (DI): 10 dB, >460 Hz
Directivity Factor (Q): 10.0, >460 Hz

LF Transducer: 2x8" Ferrite
MF Transducer: 8" CoActual™
HF Transducer: 1.75" compression driver

Type: Class D
Total Power Output: 2,000W (total power without protection algorithms and limiter enabled)
LF Power: 2 x 500W
MF Power: 500W
HF Power: 500W
Rated THD: <0.05% (20 Hz - 20 kHz)
Dynamic Range: 119 dB (A-weighted)
Bandwidth: 20 Hz - 20 kHz
Cooling: Free air convection

Connections and Controls
Input Channels: 1 mic, 1 line
Input Connector Types: 1 XLR (F), 1 combo
Phantom Power: 15 VDC (Ch. 1 only)
Mic Input Impedance: 1 kΩ
Line Input Impedance: 10 kΩ
Maximum Input: +22 dBu
Output Connector: 1 XLR (M) - Mix out
Controls: Mic Level (Variable: Off to +48 dB), Line Attenuation (Variable: -24 dB to 0 dB), Speaker Attenuation (Variable: -24 dB to 0 dB)
Indicators: DSP Preset, HPF On/Off, Network Connected, Network Activity, Wi-Fi Setup, Wi-Fi On, Signal, Limit, Clip, Thermal

Contour Presets: Normal, LBR Source, Floor Monitor
HPF: 100 Hz, 4th-order Linkwitz-Riley
Bit Depth: 24-bit
Sample Rate: 96 kHz

Material: Eucalyptus Plywood
Finish: Chemline™ polyurethane
Grille: Powder-coated steel
Dimensions (HxDxW): 30.1" x 15.7" x 13.3"
(764.54 x 398.78 x 337.82 mm)
Unit Weight: 51 lbs (23.13 kg)
Handles: One on each side
Monitor Angle: 50°

Amplifier Protection: Over-current, DC, over/under-voltage, over-temperature, high frequency
Transducer Protection: 4-ch. multi-threat limiter

AC Power Input: 100-230V~, 50-60 Hz
AC Power Consumption (1/8 Power): 250W

Suspension Mounting
Rigging Points: 12 M10
Mounting: 35 mm, 2-position

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PreSonus StudioLive 328AI 3-Way 2x8" Active Integration Loudspeaker

StudioLive 328AI
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Product Description

Studio-Monitor Accuracy, Superior Imaging, and Intelligibility
StudioLive 328AI: Active Integration Loudspeaker

Studio sound. Live performance.

StudioLive® 328AI Active Integration loudspeakers deliver studio-monitor accuracy onstage with unprecedented onboard processing and networking features in a compact form factor. PreSonus Active Integration technology enables wireless and wired networking control for setup, tuning, and monitoring functions, using an iPad®, a Mac® or Windows® laptop, or both. The StudioLive 328AI provides the best imaging and intelligibility in its class, making it an ideal choice for installations and mobile applications where high fidelity matters.

Three-way coverage with power to spare.

A compact, full-range system that provides amazing clarity and fidelity, the StudioLive 328AI delivers 3-way coverage, with dual 8-inch low-frequency drivers covering the same range to deliver surprising low end and our proprietary 8-inch, CoActual® coaxial speaker for mid- and high-frequency reproduction. Each transducer is driven its own 500W Class D amp for a hefty 2,000W RMS of quad-amplified power, all housed in a compact enclosure. The 328AI is time- and phase-aligned to form a true 4-way system when paired with the StudioLive 18sAI subwoofer, with or without the highpass filter engaged, to provide an optional overlap at 100 Hz for applications that require a little more low-end punch.

The CoActual difference.

PreSonus’ proprietary CoActual® 8-inch, horn-loaded coaxial speaker offers a consistent acoustic center and is responsible for high- and mid-frequency reproduction. The single point source provided by this coaxial design offers unique advantages, thanks to the driver’s symmetrical response. The net result is exceptional 3D imaging and a natural listening experience that reveals the subtlest details.

Networkable with Wi-Fi, Ethernet, or Dante.

The StudioLive 328AI comes equipped for wireless and wired communications over an Ethernet or Wi-Fi local area network for monitoring and control over custom tuning settings. Better yet, add the SL-Dante-SPK option card to create a Dante™ network and ditch your analog cables in favor of lightweight CAT5e or CAT6 cables.

You’re in control—here, there, and everywhere.

The StudioLive 328AI features a robust onboard loudspeaker processor that can be accessed and controlled over a standard LAN network. PreSonus’ SL Room Control app for iPad, Mac, and Windows provides rich, easy-to-use system configuration and individual and group control over any StudioLive AI loudspeaker on the network, including alignment delay, parametric EQ, notch filters, group level, and graphic EQ, as well as performance monitoring. SL Room Control makes customizing your speaker system as simple as connecting an Ethernet cable to a wireless router.

Flexible connections and mounting capabilities.

The rear of the StudioLive 328AI reveals a combo XLR/TRS line input and an XLR microphone input with an XMAX Class A mic preamplifier and 12V phantom power, as well as an XLR mix output. In addition to the input mixer, you get speaker level-attenuation control. The lightweight plywood enclosure has two ergonomic side handles, interlocking stacking, and M10 fly points. Dual-position pole mounts allow you to mount the speaker atop a stand or subwoofer at 90 degrees or at a 10-degree downward tilt.

Special models for flown installs.

Available in white and in black, the StudioLive 328i-W and 328i-B are special versions of the 328AI designed for flown indoor installs. As such, they do not have handles and pole mounts, and internal grille cloth masks the drivers so that they blend seamlessly into their environments. A companion yoke mount is also available. In all other respects the new StudioLive 328i-W and 328i-B are identical to the StudioLive 328AI.

Clear, accurate, powerful—and available now.

Whether out on tour or installed in a venue, StudioLive 328AI loudspeakers deliver studio-monitor accuracy at incredibly high SPL, with amazing imaging and intelligibility. With extensive software control and wired and wireless networking, it offers advanced capabilities that go well beyond conventional point-source loudspeakers, yet it’s easy to set up and use. Because of its compact size, we’ve found it easy to transport and set up the 328AI in places where access is difficult but its amazing fidelity is what sets it apart. Check out the StudioLive 328AI at your favorite PreSonus® dealer.

Software Library

SL Room Control
Control Software for StudioLive AI-series Loudspeakers

PreSonus® StudioLive® AI-series Active Integration™ loudspeakers offer a wealth of system-control and performance-monitoring features that give you unprecedented control. The secret to accessing these features is SL Room Control, a free speaker-management system and remote-control/monitoring software for Mac®, Windows®, and iPad®. SL Room Control puts you in command of every feature of each StudioLive AI loudspeaker in your system. Edit, save, recall, and share speaker-setup parameters; group speakers to manage specific parts of the system; even create settings for the entire system. Monitor key performance indicators in real time for each speaker on the network too! Offering the equivalent control of a rack-mount loudspeaker-management system and more, SL Room Control works wirelessly or over a wired (Ethernet) local area network.


  • Main Components
    • Unique coaxial design integrates a custom-designed, 8-inch, ferrite midrange driver and 1.75-inch titanium compression driver with Temporal Equalization™ and Coaxial Speaker Coherence Alignment
    • Dual 8-inch, custom-designed, ferrite, low-frequency transducers
    • 2,000 watt, quadamped, Class D amplification
    • LF 2x500 watts
    • MF 1x500 watts
    • HF 1x500 watts
    • Active Integration 32-bit, 96 kHz DSP with more processing power than three rack speaker processors
    • 32-bit floating-point DSP with asymmetric three-way crossover, Temporal Equalization for horn reflection, linear time- and amplitude-anomalies correction, performance contouring, dynamic limiting, and excursion limiting
    • XMAX Class A mic preamp with 12V phantom power
    • Universal Switch mode power supply with power-factor correction
  • Controls and Networking
    • 4 operation modes optimized for:
    • Normal — live front-of-house
    • MP3 — music playback
    • Floor Monitor — stage wedge
    • User — customizable preset
    • Line-level input with attenuation
    • Speaker-attenuation control
    • Balanced XLR Mix output
    • External Subwoofer mode activates a low-cut filter and alignment delay for combining StudioLive 18sAI subwoofer with 312AI in a true 4-way system
    • Wireless or wired networking with free SL Room Control software for Mac®, Windows®, and iPad® enables complete setup, tuning, and monitoring
    • Network Setup Wizard automatically detects each speaker and allows you to quickly connect to your wireless router network
    • Remote control over Maximum SPL/output level, high-pass filter, onboard operational modes, performance monitoring, mute, and speaker delay
    • 31-band graphic EQ and 8-band parametric EQ (total of 10, including feedback notch filter)
    • Visually display room layout on a laptop or iPad
    • ‰ÛÜEdit, save, recall, and share speaker-setup parameters
  • Convenience Features
    • Comfortable, ergonomic handles
    • Integrated M10 fly points and pole mounts
    • Ships with Ethernet connection for wired control; optional Dante™ card