Countryman Associates Type 10 Direct Box

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  • Countryman Associates Type 10 Direct Box
  • Countryman Associates Type 10 Direct Box
  • Countryman Associates Type 10 Direct Box


The Countryman Type 10 DI box combines exceptional ruggedness and versatility with an advanced design that sets a new standard for pure performance.

It delivers your sound with the lowest distortion, lowest noise, and highest accuracy of any direct box. The result is a clean, precise signal that is completely faithful to the original sound.

Armored inside and out, with a molded core wrapped in an extra thick architectural aluminum housing, Countryman DI boxes are virtually indestructable.


  • Supremely accurate response
  • Ultra-wide, flat bandwidth
  • Built extremely tough for the road
  • Phantom/battery power test feature
  • Rock-solid transformer isolation

Accurate Transient Response of the Type 10

The Type 10, and the Type 10S, deliver outstanding transient response as a result of their flat and wide bandwidth (+/- 1dB, 10Hz–50kHz) and ultra-low deviation from linear phase (<2°, 30Hz–20kHz). Nothing will
sound muddy or blurred when passed through the Type 10. Instead, your sound will be accurate, clean, and completely faithful to the source.

Most competitor DIs can achieve a flat frequency response from 20Hz to 20kHz, but very few possess a clean transient response. Compared to top competitors, only the Type 10 is free of large overshoot, underdamped ringing, and overdamped (lazy) response. That’s why only the Type 10 can faithfully preserve the clarity of your instruments.


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Frequency Response     10 Hz to 50 kHz (+/- 1 dB)
Deviation from Linear Phase:     30 Hz: +/- 2°; 100 Hz to 20 kHz: 0°
Noise (shorted input, BW = 22 Hz to 20 kHz):     1.8 uVrms (-115 dBVrms)
Distortion (1 Vpp in, RL= 1.2 kOhm through 200 feet of XLR cable):     THD (1 kHz): < 0.001%; THD (30 Hz to 20 kHz): < 0.005%; IMD (10 kHz/60 Hz, 4:1): < 0.005%
Power Options:     48 V Phantom (1.5 mA); 9 V Battery (4.8 mA, 130 hours on a typical alkaline)
Input Protection:     220 Vrms and 20,000 V static discharges
Transformer Isolation Voltage:     > 500 V from instrument ground to XLR output pin 1
Padding Settings:     0 dB; -15 dB; -30 dB
RF Filtering:     Input: 1.5 MHz low-pass filter; Output: 60 kHz low-pass filter
Maximum Input Level (1% THD):     0 dB pad: 6 Vpp; -15 dB pad: 33 Vpp; -30 dB pad: 190 Vpp (Equal to 1,100 Watts into 4 Ohms)
Input Resistance:     0 dB pad: 10 MOhm; -15, -30 dB pad: 10 kOhm
Input Capacitance:     240 pF (equal to 3 ft of low-capacitance guitar cable)
Output Polarity:     Pin 2 positive
Dimensions:     6" x 3" x 1.75" (152 mm x 77 mm x 45 mm)
Weight:     20.8 oz (0.59 kg)

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