Chameleon Labs 581 - 500 Series Microphone Preamp Module

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The Chameleon Labs Model 581 microphone preamplifier card has a transformer balanced input with a gain range of +25dB to +80dB and has been carefully constructed and individually tested for quality. It utilizes class ‘AB’ circuitry. This unit is made with 100% discrete components and was fabricated to precisely match vintage counterparts manufactured in the early 70’s.

The unit is based on high audio performance design techniques. By employing classic circuit design, polystyrene capacitors, hand selected components and custom wound transformers, Chameleon Labs ensures that the Model 581 will exhibit classic audio sound.

It is also designed to comply with any 500 series powered chassis approved by the API® VPR Alliance.


  • API 500 Series Compatible Card
  • Fully Balanced Mic Input Transformer
  • Hi-Z Direct Instrument Input (TRS)
  • Fully Transformer Balanced Output
  • Discrete Class AB Electronic Topology
  • 48 V Phantom Mic Power
  • 12 Position Mic Gain Rotary Switch
  • Selectable 300Ω or 1200Ω Mic Input Impedance
  • Power, Overload, Signal, and Peak LEDS
  • Reverse Phase Switch
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Mic/DI: Better than -125dBm EIN between -80 and -40 dBm referenced to 600Ω input impedance, SNR 116dB at maximum output.

Transformer balanced and floating drive 600Ω Load

Audio Output: +26dBu into 600Ω load impedance

Maximum Output: 20Hz – 20kHz -0.5dB

Frequency Response: 10 Hz – 50 kHz -3dB

LED Indicators

  • Blue: Power On
  • Green: Signal Present
  • Yellow: +4dB Output Level
  • Red: Output Overload
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