Avid Audio Plug-in Activation Card Tier 3

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  • Aphex Aural Exciter and Big Bottom Pro Bundle
  • Space
  • Eleven MKII
  • X-Form
  • Re-Vibe II


Audio Plug-in Activation Card Tier 3

Enhance your mixes and expand your creative palette with these professional Avid audio plug-ins.
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Aphex Aural Exciter and Big Bottom Pro Bundle

Add more presence, punch, and bottom end to your mix with these popular effects emulations.
Unique ability to increase presence and restore natural brightness and detail, without significant equalization, is available as an AAX Native 64 and AAX DSP 64 plug-in.
Big Bottom is a proven sound enhancement plug-in for Pro Tools—from the company that invented sound enhancement. Modeled after the Big Bottom circuit in the Aphex Model 104, Big Bottom works on bass frequencies and adds low-end presence and punch without increasing peak level.

  • Enhance instruments and vocals
  • Harmonic generation
  • Increase sonic clarity


Ultimate convolution reverb
Create natural-sounding ambient spaces with stunning clarity and realism.Space is the ultimate reverb plug-in for music and post-production applications. From the largest concert hall to the densest plate reverb, Space delivers the pristine sound of natural reverb spaces with the familiar controls used in high-end hardware reverb units. By combining the sampled acoustics of real reverb spaces with advanced DSP algorithms, Space offers stunning realism with full control of reverb parameters in mono, stereo, and surround formats.

  • Supports rapid seamless changes between 10 different reverb scenes
  • Includes a library of reverb and effect impulses for music and post
  • Full input and output surround metering on screen at all times
  • Use with mono, stereo and (with Pro Tools HD) 5.0 surround formats

Eleven MKII

The world's most coveted tones
Get access to the sounds of the world's greatest guitar and bass amps—without the upkeep or expense. Going past Eleven, the new Eleven MK II plug-in gives you even more amps (33 total!), more speaker cabinets (more than double), and more ways to get the tones you've always dreamed of.Choose from an incredible collection of vintage and modern amp, cabinet, and mic models to create your own signature tone, or use the customizable presets to instantly re-create a classic sound. Plus access your favorite custom rigs quickly by setting an amp to link with your preferred cab.

  • Must-have amp, cabinet, and mic models
  • Multi-dimensional guitar and bass tones
  • Classic sound and feel
  • Total flexibility
  • New Link mode
  • New Eleven MK II Cab plug-in
  • Tons of presets


Unparalleled time stretching
X-Form represents the pinnacle of time compression/expansion and pitch-shifting technology. Available for all Pro Tools systems, this high-quality AudioSuite plug-in delivers professional time stretching and formant-correct pitch shifting with professional results, even at extreme settings. X-Form is ideal for music production, sound design, post production, or any other application that requires natural-sounding time stretch and pitch shift processing.

  • Two time-stretching/pitch-shifting algorithms
  • Multichannel and multi-input phase-coherent processing. 
  • Preserves stereo imaging, attack transients, and timing accuracy.
  • X-Form provides a choice of two time-stretching/pitch-shifting algorithms, with multichannel and multi-input phase-coherent processing. 
  • Preserves stereo imaging, attack transients, and timing accuracy
  • Intuitive control - choose an algorithm and let X-Form do the rest
  • 12.5- to 800-percent range for processing a file from 1/8 to 8x its original duration
  • Go from three octaves below to three octaves above the original pitch.


Room modeling reverb
ReVibe is a powerful room-modeling plug-in that is ideal for adding an accurate representation of a room’s sound or ambience to your mix. The plug-in offers highly detailed models of a number of real spaces—as well as springs and plates—making it a perfect complement to the classic digital reverb sound of Reverb One.

  • Combine different room reflections and coloration to get the room and ambience you want
  • Add room characteristicsto a reverb, along with an early reflection. You can then adjust using Room Type.
  • Tailor the effect across the entire sound field with an extensive set of room-modeling controls. All of the multichannel controls are available in mono and stereo.
  • Work on 5.1 multichannel format sessions
  • Process up to 192 kHz sessions with the AAX in Pro Tools
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General Specifications

System Requirements
Windows OS: Windows 8, Windows 7
Mac OS: Mac OS 10.11.x, Mac OS 10.10.x, Mac OS 10.9.x,
Mac OS 10.8.x, Mac OS 10.7.x
Pro Tools 12.x, Pro Tools 11.x, Pro Tools 10.x
Sample Rate Support Max Rate: 192k
Copy Protection Requires iLok2

AAX Native 64
AAX AudioSuite 64
AAX Native 32
AAX AudioSuite 32

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