Auralex ProGo44 4x Locking casters, 4x Non-locking casters, 24x screws

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Auralex’s ProGO baffle is a portable, lightweight and highly efficient absorber that’s effective on stage, in the classroom, in home theaters, in hi-fi listening spaces, in the studio and more. ProGO is short for Professional Gobo (a gobo is a freestanding acoustical treatment device usually used in studios), but clients shouldn’t let the name limit their thinking about this highly adaptable device. This portable absorber consists of a custom, two-sided ProPanel assembly fitted into a custom black melamine-laminated base that can be outfitted with optional casters for increased portability.

There are two available caster kits:

  • The ProGO-44 Caster Kit (two bases required)
    • 2x Locking casters
    • 4x Non-locking casters
    • 24x # 10 x ¾” wood screws
  • ProGO-26 Caster Kit (one base required)
    • 2x Locking casters
    • 2x Non-locking casters
    • 16x #10 x ¾” wood Screws



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