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  1. Super cool Reverb flexibility... 5 Star Review

    Posted by on July 6, 2013

    Wow, what a cool unit... I just happened to have a couple of spare reverb tanks around the studio, and saw this guy in the Radial catalog when I bought one of their 500-series racks. Had to try it. And it rocks! The boom and shimmer eq works beautifully, the drive button is a cool feature-- letting you run higher ohm reverb tanks, or if you misuse it like I do it makes for a rad "tube driver" type distortion/presence boost, which you can fine tune with the wet/dry "parallel" output feature...

    Love it. (Did I say that already?) I use an rca y-splitter to run two different size reverb tanks, which gives a really nice, rich shimmer. I can finally convince guitarists we record to turn off their amps reverb, cause we have a better sound spring reverb in our rack!

    Thank you, Radial!



Circuit type - drive:     opamp with discrete transistor isolated output

Maximum input - Rear Panel XLR Input:     +19dBu

Maximum ouput - rear panel XLR ouput:     +26dBu

Dynamic range - drive section:     101 to 115dB (varies with frequency)

Frequency Response:     Shaped for spring reverb tanks

Gain - drive switch boost selected:     +10dB (when activated)

Input Impedance - Front panel receive input:     10K Unbalanced

Input Impedance - Rear panel XLR input:     15K Balanced

Dry Intermodulation Distortion:     0.0028%

Wet Intermodulation Distortion:     0.0021%

Noise - Drive Section:     -100dB (below 0dBu)

Omniport Function:     Line level unbalanced effects loop (Tip send - ring receive)

Front Panel Output Impedance:     1.5K Ohms

Rear Panel XLR Output Impedance:     200 Ohms

Power requirement:     65mA (maximum all LEDs)

THD + N - Receive section:     <0.01% @ -30dBu input level

Shipping Size     9 x 6.5 x 2 (inches)

Weight     1.5 lbs. (0.7 kg)

Warranty     3 Years, Transferable 

Specifications are subject to change without notice.
*Refers to use with Radial Workhorse rack and mixer.

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Radial Engineering Tank Driver - 500 Series Spring Reverb Interface

R700 0136
2.60 LBS
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Product Description

The Radial Tank Driver is a wonderfully unique 500 series module that allows you to drive a balanced line level signal through the reverb tank in your Fender Twin amp! Yes, an affordable interface designed specifically to drive spring reverbs of all types and deliver the long trailing shimmering effect that is only possible with a true spring.

The design begins with a transformer coupled output driver with normal and high settings for new and old spring reverbs alike. Separate drive and return controls allow signal optimization to maximize signal to noise. To further tailor the tone, the Tank Driver is equipped with two tone controls that let you adjust high end shimmer and low frequency boom. (Let's face it... what else would you call it?)

Plug in an instrument and hear spring reverb with less noise and wider bandwidth than ever before. Plug a mic pre into it to add spring reverb to voice. Try it with drums to create unique sonic spaces. And since you probably have more than one amp in your studio… you will soon be using different reverbs for different tracks.


  • Pro-balanced spring reverb interface
  • Use the spring reverb in your guitar amp
  • Add unique spring reverb effects to recordings
  • Optimized drive circuit for low noise

TankDriver™ FAQ

Can I use any spring reverb with the Tank Driver?

Yes. Most spring reverbs are made from Accutronics or are copies of this old standby. Therefore, you will find that the Tank Driver will work well with pretty much all reverb tanks.

Can I use the Tank Driver like the EXTC for pedals?

You can try, but it may not sound very good. The Tank Driver tone circuit has been optimized to work with the frequency response of a typical reverb tank. Pedals tend to sound best with a flatter, unaltered tone.

Is there a way to adjust the decay time of a spring reverb?

No. Think of the reverb control when you are playing guitar; you do not set the length of decay, but the intensity of the reverb. To change the decay tome you would have to change the length of the spring.

Can I use the Tank Driver with instruments like drums?

Absolutely! Try it on everything! It may work great… you never know!

Will the tank driver sound different on guitar than via the amp?

You will likely find that when you use the tank driver, the tone will improve as we have created a dedicated device to perform the task or controlling the reverb as opposed to a low cost extra feature on a guitar amp. Also, the added tone controls and transformer isolation will help further enhance the tone while reducing noise.

When set to extremes, I hear lots of noise. Is this normal?

Yes. Reverb tanks are old clunky mechanical effects that are quite unsophisticated. This is what makes them cool. You just have to be careful to keep the controls set to optimize signal to noise. Unless your band is Nine Inch Nails… then everything goes!

Why did you paint the Tank Driver in a nutty camouflage?

Because we want you to only use it sparingly, it will surely get lost. The paint job will make it hard to find!